What made us Getz Movin

Some kids cannot afford quality sneakers that fit which makes it difficult to participate in physical activities, be active and confident. Getz Movin wants to change that!

In December of 2018 Kim, Stefanie, Julia, Matt and Ryan, volunteered at the Newark YMCA for a holiday party. They had a great time playing with the kids but were upset to learn these children lived in a homeless shelter. They reached out shortly after to find out how they could help.  They found out that many schools provide uniforms but kids still need their own sneakers for gym class and to participate in school sports.  We all know how quickly kids grow and that sneakers are expensive.   Having the correct size sneakers is important to support their growing bodies, encourage healthier lifestyles and to feel good about themselves.

This really resonated with Julia, Matt and Ryan who are all athletes. They could not imagine what it would be like to not have footwear that fit properly. This lead to many conversations and a few months later with the help of their Aunt Kimmie and mom Stefanie, Getz Movin was born! 

Getz Movin is a NJ based non-profit and a registered 501 (c) (3) recognized by the IRS. Getz Movin’s mission is simple, provide school aged kids and teens in need with new sneakers that fit. 

Let's Getz Movin

Our 2019 sneaker events were a huge success!    We provided 600 kids and teens in need with new sneakers in just 5 months. 

We have big plans for 2020 including the Newark YMCA Shelter in March and the Covenant House in April.  In 2020 we hope to provide 1,500 at risk youth with new sneakers so Getz Movin and donate today! 


1) Donate using the PayPal Link below

2) Donate by mailing a check made out to Getz Movin Inc., PO Box 230,  Martinsville, NJ  08836-0230

3) Donate new sneakers in box, email us for a mailing address

All donations are 100% tax-deductible

Getz Movin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our EIN # is 83-4334098

Please email any questions or a donation receipt request to


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The getz movin Team

Kim Nitzky


  Kim is the President and one of the founders of Getz Movin. She is passionate about helping kids, jogging, pizza, pugs and spending time with her niece and nephews. 

Sneaker she wears: Brooks, Glycerin 

Stefanie Getzoff


  Stefanie is the CFO and one of the founders of Getz Movin. She spends much of her day being a mom, driver and cook to her 3 kids and a dog walker to her Labradoodle Ruby. Stefanie loves yoga and when she gets a rare moment to relax she loves to read. 

Sneaker she wears: Asics, Gel-Nimbus

Julia Getzoff


  Julia is one of the founders of Getz Movin. She is 17 years old, most days she can be found at dancing school. During her free time, she enjoys driving now that she has her license, hanging out with her friends and her dog Ruby.

Sneaker she wears: Nike, Air Force 1

Matt Getzoff


  Matt is one of the founders of Getz Movin. He is 15 years old and enjoys skiing, watching Netflix and hanging out with his friends.

Sneaker he wears: Adidas, NMD

Ryan Getzoff


  Ryan is one of the founders of Getz Movin. He is 15 years old and plays center in ice hockey. He is a huge Eagles and Flyers fan and likes hanging out with his friends.

Sneaker he wears: Adidas, Ultra Boost

Ruby Getzoff


Ruby is Getz Movin's Chief Fetching Officer. She is an expert at sniffing out new sneakers for kids in need.  Her favorite activities are receiving belly rubs and chasing squirrels. 

Sneaker she wears: Goats, the 573

Our Board of directors

Jimmy Gabriel


  Jimmy is President of the footwear division at Global Brand Group since 2014. Previously he was President of Jimlar Corporation for over 15 years. He was inspired to enter the shoe industry because of his older brother Jerrys job in a shoe department when they were growing up. He likes to say he’s in the business because he idolized his big brother so if Jerry was a baker Jimmy would probably have been a baker instead! 

Jimmy has a corporate background with an entrepreneurial spirit which is evident in his newest creation, Goats, a combination sneaker and slide. Jimmy attended West Chester University.  

Rich Getzoff


  Rich is the head of Advisor-Led Business at Wells Fargo Advisors. He began his career at Wells Fargo in 1998 as a financial advisor in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Rich attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and received a bachelor’s degree in political science. He loves Philly sports teams, especially the Eagles and Flyers.  He grew up playing goalie for many teams and played in college. He feels strongly about all kids having the proper equipment, including sneakers. Rich and his wife, Stefanie, live in New Jersey with their three children and labradoodle. 

Nicole Katz


  Nicole is the VP, Corporate Communications and Media Relations at Allergan. Her career began in advertising and evolved to include marketing, event production, video development, PR, media relations and corporate communications. Previously, she was a Creative Director at Altered Image and a Director of Interactive Marketing at ePresence. 

Nicole earned her BS from Syracuse’s Newhouse School of Communications. She is a wife, a hockey mom and the proud owner of a micro golden doodle. 

Kim Nitzky


Kim is an Associate Director in Marketing at Allergan. Her last 14 years have been spent in sales and marketing with 11 of those at Allergan (formerly Forest Pharmaceuticals). She believes in the power of relationships, teamwork and a having positive attitude; smiles are contagious.

Kim earned a BS from Muhlenberg College. She lives in NYC and is very passionate about kids and has always volunteered with charities involving children. In late 2018, Kim and her sister Stefanie, niece Julia and twin nephews Matt & Ryan, came up with the idea for Getz Movin and got movin to make it a reality. Kim is excited to watch it continue to grow and help many kids in need.


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